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Austrian JCh, Italian JCh, Slovenian JCh, Slovenian JW-16, Alpensieger 2016

International Ch, Ukrain Ch, Austrian Ch, Slovenian Ch, Italian Ch, German (VDH + DRC) Ch

VDH-Europasieger 2018

Delphiniums Voulez-Vous

Daworo | Delphiniums Voulez-Vous

Floyd, 2,5 years (IDS @ Norrköping, Sweden)

Photo: Thina Johansson

Good lad Floyd is Ravens very successful brother who was exported to Italy. He is without a doubt the one in the litter who has performed best in the show rings with several  championship- and winner titels in several european countries. I have had the pleasure to meet him again (which was the first time since he was a pup) when he came to the IDS in Norrköping in Sweden during 2017. He may not have much of his sires' physical attributes, as he looks very much like his dam Leva, but that wonderful and kind temperament is all Mike. 

Floyds offspring (to my knowledge)

Morvern Kennel (Italy)

Litter born 20th of February 2016


   Dam of the litter: 

   Morvern Cloud Dancing  "Bianca"

   Sire: Rudskog's Cloudy Day
   Dam: Royal Silk Ralina Di Cioccolata
   DOB. 4th of January 2013
   Colour: Black (Bb E_)
   Hips: HD B
   Elbows: ED 0
   Eyes: Clear

   Bitches: 4 black 

   Morvern Clematis Alpina

   Morvern Nigritella Nigra

   Morvern Dafhne Petraea

   Morvern Primula Tyrolensis

   Males: 3 black and 2 liver

   Morvern Lilium Alpinum

   Morvern Crocus Vernalis

   Morvern Astragaslus

   Morvern Aster Alpinus (L) 

   Morvern Dianthus Superbus (L)


Morvern Kennel (Italy)

Litter born 9th of March 2016

   Dam of the litter: 

   Morvern Bourbon Cream  "Tilda"

   Sire: Whizzbang's Highway to Hell
   Dam: Ruby Black Wind of Varazdin
   DOB. 14th of April 2014
   Colour: Black (BB E_)
   Hips: HD A
   Elbows: ED 0
   Eyes: Clear

   Bitches: 3 black

   Males: 4 black


Assoluta Inosservanza Kennel (Italy)

Litter born 9th of October 2016

   Dam of the litter:

   Multi Ch. Royal Silk Samirah "Samirah"

   Sire: Ch. Almanza Nothing Less Than Success (L)
   Dam: Almanza Fnurra På Tråden
   Colour: Black (Bb E_) 
   Hips: HD A
   Elbows: ED 0
   Eyes: Clear
   Knees: Patella 0

   Bitches: 5 black and 1 liver

   Males: 3 black and 2 liver


Morvern Kennel (Italy)

Litter born 7th of February 2017


   Royal Silk Spring Peach Ice  "Yuki"

   Sire: CH. Almanza Tomtar På Loftet
   Dam: CH. Almanza Testarossa
   Colour: Black (BB E_)

   Bitches: 7 black

   Males: 1 black


Kennel Black Brianta (Czech Republic)

Litter born 3rd of March 2017


   Dam of the litter: 

   Ch. I'm So Cute Black Brianta  "Twinkle"

   Sire: Ch. Flatterhaft Movie Star
   Dam: Multi Ch. Carnival Night Black Brianta
   DOB. 16th of October 2010
   Colour: Black (BB E_)
   Hips: HD A
   Elbows: ED 0
   Eyes: Clear
   Gonioscopy: Clear

   Bitches: 3 (4) black

   A Star So Bright Black Brianta (at Kennel Black Brianta)

   Arctic Moonlight Black Brianta

   Amazing Grace Black Brianta (Exported to Poland)

   Males: 5 black

   Arctic Star Black Brianta (Exported to Poland)

   Always And Forever Black Brianta

   A Sky Full of Stars Black Brianta (Exported to Germany)

   Ace of Spades Black Brianta (Exported to UK)

   Aquarius Black Brianta (Exported to Maryland, USA)


Kennel Gillian's Choice (Austria)

Litter born 12th of September 2018


   Dam of the litter: 

   Ch. Gillian's Choice Hot Stuff  "Alika"

   Sire: Ch. Torpedos Best of Dreams

   Dam: Ch. Gillian's Choice Black Passion

   DOB. ?

   Colour: Black (BB E_)

   Hips: HD A

   Elbows: ED 0 

   Knees: Patella 0

   Eyes: Clear

   Gonioscopy: Clear

   Bitches: 4(5) black

   Gillian's Choice Neverending Happiness

   Gillian's Choice Neverending Joy

   Gillian's Choice Neverending Love

   Gillian's Choice Neverending Fun

   Males: 0


Kennel Whispering Wind (Germany)

Litter born 10th of November 2018

   Dam of the litter:

   Ch. Whispering Wind It's Time For Dory  "Dory"

   Born 31st of May 2013

   Sire: Birkebo Daimon Albert

   Dam: Ch. Whispering Wind Catch It Caya

   Colour: Black (BB E_)

   Hips: HD A

   Elbows: ED 0 

   Knees: Patella 0

   Eyes: Clear

   Gonioscopy: Clear

   Bitches: 4 black

   Males: 7 black


Morvern Kennel (Italy)

Litter born 23rd of April 2019, The Morvern Voulez Vous litter.

   Dam of the litter:

   Ch. Morvern Lady Hillington  "Nala"

   Colour: Liver

   Hips: HD A

   Elbows: ED 0

   Eyes: Clear

   Bitches: 1 black and 1 liver

   Morvern Encore Voulez-Vous "Scarlett"

   Morvern No Regrets

   Males: 2 black

   Morvern Masters of the Scene



About Floyd

Born: 12th October, 2014

Inbreeding: 2.0%

Reg.ID (SE): SE55395/2014

Reg.ID (IT): ROI 15/45254


Sire: Ch. Almanza Tough Enough "Mike"

Dam: Ginger Cake Strong Pepper Passion "Leva"


Height: 61 cm 

Weight: 33.5 kg 

Colour: Black, heterozygous

Genotype: Bb EE




Correct scissor bite

Hips: HD A

Elbows: ED 0 

Knees: Patella 0

Eyes: Clear (2015+2016)

Gonioscopy: Clear



Show merits (may not be complete)



Austrian Junior Champion, AT JCH


Alpensieger 2016

Italian Junior Champion, IT JCH

Slovenian Junior Winner, SI JW-16

Slovenian Junior Champion, SI JCH


Ukrain Champion, UA CH

Austrian Champion, AT CH

Slovenian Champion, SI CH

International Champion (UA + AT + SI) C.I.E


VDH-Europasieger 2018

Italian Champion, IT CH

German Champion VDH, DE Ch (VDH)

German Champion DRC, DE Ch (DRC)


Lifetime qualified for CRUFTS

CAC Switzerland

BOB Junior in several countries; San Marino, Slovenia, Austria and Italy to mention a few.

BOS Junior in Germany and Italy.

BOB in San Marino (11 mth), Slovenia (12 mth) and Italy (first time at 15 mth).

BIS-3 at a Retriever Show in Slovenia.

5th place (VHR) in Limit class at Crufts 2017.

2nd top-winning flatcoated retriever male in Italy during 2016.

Other info

Exported to Morvern Kennel, Italy (2015)

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